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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Song 16

Hey Friends.

I feel a lot better now that August is over. August and I were the month that just couldn't get along. I've never had disagreements with months before. But this was something special, its comparable to the way that Uzi and Bumbalina are not budging in their cat war. 

I love Uzi like my own, but Bumbalina still wins for having the best personality.  I'm going to miss him when he is gone, and now my mind is set on getting a lovely maine coon kitten to fill the void. Or a Serval. I wonder if Bumbalina would just be so afraid of the Serval that she'd be okay. Or if the Serval would eat her.  Enough talk about cats.

Lets talk about Documentaries. 

I used to work at a movie store growing up.  I had some fantastic experiences, got to observe some interesting folks, and made (and broke) date nights for everyone with some of my movie recommendations. (okay, so maybe Requiem for a dream wasn't the best first date suggestion... Or clock work orange.)  But working there I learned to appreciate the endless supply of free popcorn, not reading my books for English Class and putting them on the television when working late, and getting into Documentaries. 

I've fallen out of love with the idea of a commitment, even as small of a commitment of sitting down and watching a movie for 2 hours is a little too much for me, the exception here is of course documentaries.  Especially ones about animals, or bands...

This song is about my friend, who if the opportunity arises, would have the best documentary about their life. I promise. Hopefully the best score too... but that is up for debate at current. 

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