A song a day is cheaper than therapy. Please find my musings for 365 days in attempt to make one really good record.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Song 366

So I just wrote a new song.

I haven't written a song since I stopped this project. Which makes me feel like I should start doing this song a day business again.

This song is about personal improvement.

It isn't about getting rid of someone bad, but maybe about not drinking so much coffee, or alcohol, or just something that is making you feel crappy. Anything.

That is about as indulgent as I get when it comes to explaining things.

Still time to preorder your copy and get my tiger blood Tshirt.... maybe there is still time to change the caption to ocelot blood?


Mary Stewart

PS : I have bronchitis.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Chances are I love you/ Chances are I..." PREORDER

Well folks, its coming down to the wire. Please review the following :)

Mary Stewart Pre Sales
The Recipe Book

Well friends, Here is my equation:

365 Songs
2 Cups Producers
1 Cup Engineer
1 Bag Recording Studio
10 tbps Musician Friends
2 lbs of artwork

Mix all ingredients
Master @ 5 days 365degree oven

The Song a day project was a great opportunity for me to lock into my creative side, push myself as a writer, singer, and public speaker. Since starting the project I have been interviewed by : CTV, CBC, CKDU, CHMA, The Coast, The New Glasgow News, The Pictou Advocate, as well as various blogs. I have also given song writing advice and counselling to up and coming musicians, and have tried to be a hot bed of information to help budding musicians find “their” sound.

Now it becomes the hardest part of the project. I have fantastic producers on board, and big ideas. We have started the preproduction of the album, but this is where it gets expensive. Hear me out and maybe we can do this together.

Recipe Index :

Sinckerdoodle Package
Muffin Package
Scone Package
Chocolate Chip Cookie Package
Cupcake Delight Bakers Dozen Package
Queens Cake Package
Baked Alaska Package
Pavlova Package

1) The Snickerdoodle: Chewy, Caramel, and chocolaty sweet. This package is delicate and simple! Receive a digital download of the upcoming album, a Mary Stewart button and sticker. And most importantly, a sincere thank you in the album notes. $10.00

2)Muffin Package: A little bit more filling, this savory snack is stepping it up. Receive a digital download of the upcoming album, and One autographed hard copy to enjoy your name in the liner notes! $20.00

3)Scone Package: Perfect with tea to start your day, help give my record a head start too! Receive a digital download, One autographed hard copy, your name in the liner notes- and free admittance to the CD Release party in your home town! $30.00

4)Chocolate Chip Cookie Package : The ultimate pick me up. So why not let me give you something special to wear to the CD Release party that you're guest listed on! You will receive a liner note thank you, an autographed copy of the CD, admittance to the CD Release, and a special one of a kind bracelet deigned by Mary herself. $60.00

5)Cupcake Delight bakers Dozen Package En homage to the last record, buy this package and receive a copy of “ The Cupcake Album” , a copy of the new record, A thank you in the liner notes, admittance to the CD Release party, and a special treat bag filled with surprises hand made by Mary herself. $100.00

6)Queens Cake Package This one you receive the perks of liner notes, guest listing, a copy of “the Cupcake Album” the new record, and oh did I mention? A piece of art to hang on your wall done by Mary herself. $200.00

7)Baked Alaska Package Don't think you can make the CD Release party nearest to you? Well let me come to your home. This package is all about the house concert. Invite your friends over and I'll play you an acoustic set from the record, and I'll bring along the cupcakes too! $500.00

8)Pavlova Delicate and difficult to make, this sums up the recording process perfectly. So for the buyer of this package I'm making you a quilt. I'm also throwing in a GIANT thank you on the record, mailing you a few copies of the new album, and free admittance to whichever show you prefer. (Limit : 3) $700.00

Please Complete the following form and mail or Email back ASAP to guarantee
your package, and more importantly your liner thank yous!

_______________________________ ___________________________________
(Name) (Email)
_______________________________ __________________________________
(Street Address) (Postal Code)
________________________________ __________________________________
(Town/City) (Province)
(Phone number)

Package # _____ Amount Inclosed $______

If you have picked The Baked Alaska, or Pavlova Package I ask that you contact me directly as soon as possible : marzstewart@gmail.com

Please attach cheque or money order and mail to :
“Chances are I... Album Funding”
170 Temperance Street
New Glasgow, NS
B2H 3B1

For electronic purchase please email form to : Chancesarealbumfunding@gmail.com

Please make sure all information is accurate.
Thank you for your support
Love, XOXO
Mary (Bumbalina, and Puff)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Song 365

Hey Everyone,

I cannot believe i finished.
I need to thank a million people for letting me be a crazy person while i embarked on this project.

Friends and Family for putting up with being my inspiration.
Nova Scotia Tourism Culture and Heritage
Music Nova Scotia
The Coast
Cool Planet
Mike Landry and the Telegraph Journal
The Impearl Theatre in Saint John and my second family there.
Coda Pop Studio
SoundMarket Studios
Everyone that has played with me over the last year : Robert Corrigan, Brad MacDougall, Mark MacDonald, Will Fisher, Kinley Dowling
Tumbleweed Entertainment (Ryan Patey)
Turbine, Pretty Things Boutique, and Argyle Fine Art for being incredibly strong female business minds that inspire my senses.
All of the fantastic venues I've gotten to play while promoting this little project that have become my home away from homes (regardless if they have pets).
My peers in the business who are constantly inspiring me and making me want to be better.
My Guitar Students and the youth at ROCK IT for letting me see your talent grow.
My roommates over the last year : Ben, Derrick, Sean, Kelly, Stuart, Stephen, Jacquelyn, Keith, Deidra, Jillian, Samantha, Mike, Ed, Steve, Andrew.
My cats for putting up with my absence while touring and commuting.
My parents Jim and Emma for being my absolute biggest fans and supporting my music and outlandish ideas.

It has been a crazy time... To recap the last year :

0 Husband
1 Surgery
2 months of bed rest
2 Concussions
2 Fractures : One Head, One foot
2 Apartments
3 Sprained toes
4 Jobs
5 Tours
6 lost capos.
7 Cats

So now what?

Time to rework these babies. Then its up to you guys to help me pick the tracks for the record.
Start sending your ideas to mary@marystewartmusic.com

Love you.


Thursday, October 14, 2010