A song a day is cheaper than therapy. Please find my musings for 365 days in attempt to make one really good record.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 42

I got a little confused by numbers today- This is song 42 I do believe.

Today I woke up to an email from my mother .

Subject : uh oh
Body :  You're writing songs about cats.

I always told my mom she was nuts because of all the songs she has about our family cat... The artist formally known as Moe..  Or, Boobadee (or doobs, or honey bunches of oats and other crunchy things...) 
That cat and I never really got along, and it wasn't until I met Bumbalina that I morphed into the crazy cat lady that I am.

Never the less, I'm sure my "Song A Day" is actually somewhere linked into my mom's cat- song-a-day... She would always be down at the piano writing a new song about her "mews"... see what i did there?

Somethings the cat hated. Anything in the coloratura range that I would do, and especially hated the theme to star trek. Like me. I hate star trek. I do like Coronation street.  Which makes me think about carnation condensed milk, I do not like that.  But that makes me think of NFLD, and my friend Crystal (on of the ABC's of Argyle Fine Art) All things I like. 

Today's song.
I had one song done, for today but i'm going to save it for a rainy day. Or a surprise!
So here is the new one. 

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