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Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 24!

Dear Friday,

Welcome to day 24. 

So last year I bought a pretty fantastic pair of shoes.  They were hush puppies. And I wore them at work forever. And they were great. But then one day they decided to just fall apart. Its sort of like a mac. They don't really break but when they decide to they break all at once.  That or a volvo.

So in retiring these shoes I realized that the worst part about anything is breaking in new ones. Especially since my feet are shrinking... More on that later. 

I think the worst part about anything is the breaking in moments.  Like starting a new job, or a relationship. But then i think thats also the best parts of it to.  More on because i'm scared of commitment or being bored. I'd rather be nervous than comfortable. 

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