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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Song 78

I wish I started something else when I started this, or gave up something. Like candy, or boys.
That way I'd be able to say 78 without, instead of 78 days of a new habit.
I mean this is cool too.

The internet knows my life now.

Its not that exciting. 

I promise.
What is exciting is that I'll be going on tour soon.

I'm going to be having a special secret show in the next week as well- Where I'll be inviting you into a warm cosy living room for some tea and cookies and I'm going to perform some of my new material which will be recorded live that evening and available for a tiny donation while off on tour.

I'll also have plenty construction paper glue and scissors if you want to make your own jacket for the cd to go into that night.



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