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Monday, November 9, 2009

Song 75


A week of not writing was really weird. I'm used to getting thoughts out before they get worked out. But this week I couldn't even talk let alone write.

I'm a really quiet person for the most part, I don't talk much and I was shushed or told to calm down three times since Friday because I've been catching up on all the words I didn't say this week.

I wasn't sure where to start with this song. 

This song has a lot of different inspiration... This weekend was Nova Scotia Music Week. It was great, luckily for me with the help of some crazy vitamin cocktails I was able to attend and have a great time... It was lovely to see everyone this weekend. MNS did a great job of organizing it, the showcases were great. Yarmouth was a great town for it. 
How many more times can i say great? lets see.  

What isn't always great is time spent in a car.

I don't think that is great.

Its nice to have time to reflect but essentially you feel trapped (if you've been following this you can pick up again on my fear of commitment here). You become restless. Yarmouth is a really really long drive. 

What is a longer drive is Toronto. You can expect special cross stitched merch on this tour. 

This song is about long drives, and tired hearts.

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