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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My open letter to H1N1

Dear H1N1,

I know its partially my fault. 
You caught my eye. 

You had me at hello. 

I felt dizzy, faint, feverish, you gave me chills.  
You made me blush, I was embarrassed.  
I didn't want to admit to you that I was completely taken.  
You halted my appetite, you had me so caught up that I couldn't do anything else. 
Missing work, missing appointments, missing my friends.
I felt you in my bones. 

Now H1N1, Its all changed. 
The romantic part of days spent in bed are over. 
I'm tired of waking up in sleep wondering if you're still there, then being reassured within moments that you are.  

I have no energy for you, or anything else.
I can't eat.
I haven't brushed my hair in days.
I'm starting to forget how to do everyday tasks.

I just think we let it happen so fast.
I barely got to know you and all of a sudden, every day you were there. 
every moment. 

Lets be honest, I don't know your middle name, your favorite color... 
Your birthday for that matter. 

You kept me busy so I couldn't write, couldn't sing. 
My friends came to visit, I couldn't go to them. 
Instead I just received there notes at the door.

I think that we should be honest here. 
We let this get out of control, I thought about having an open relationship with you. 
But I think our best decision would be to see other people. 

I know its hard at first. 
The idea of someone else feeling the way that I do about you...
It breaks my heart.

But I'll be strong, and so will you.

I'll never forget this week H1N1.



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  1. i feel so bad for you two...i wish there was some kind of Person/Virus councelling you two could take and maybe work things out. But maybe his fame has gone to his head, seeing himself all over the tv, radio and newspaper can change anyone. At least you'll have the memories.