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Monday, November 2, 2009

the flu

Hey Everyone.

I'm taking a few days off... I've got a high dose of the flu.

I'll be back on thursday or friday.

In the mean time.

I recommend you go to :

Tuesday Nov 3rd @ The Celtic Corner. This is a sweet open mic, and its the last one that my buddy Dave will be hosting. So go to it and sing a song/ watch him do what he does best.

Argyle Street is the place to be this friday.... 

Friday Nov 6th @ The World Trade Center-- Turbines 9th Annual Showcase- I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be healthy by then. I'm playing and it will feature 300 new pieces from Turbines Fall/winter Collection . $50.00 7pm
Friday Nov 6th @ The Seahorse The Danger Bees and the Idlers. I don't remember how many dollars this show is. But go over around 10pm.
Friday Nov 6th @ The Foggy Goggle Crush Luther is playing.

Also.. Nova Scotia Music Week is this weekend.. Go go go!

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