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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Song 360

This song was done as an art exchange with a friend of mine who is a visual artist. He is making some art for my toronto bedroom as its currently hanging out with bare walls. And I wrote him a song.

so I will explain.sometimes its easy to get lost inside of your work. Which I tend to do quite often. Its hard to put it aside and be in "the now". This creates a problem when trying to maintain relationships (in my experience) being able to seperate yourself and your life from your work which is such a major part of it. With that said, I know nothing about Gordies situation. I just liked the idea of talking about another art form instead of saying "i felt this way so i write a song about it"-literally, in the song...... .... and this is why i never really explain myself because i ramble and quite often it doesn't make sense.

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