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Monday, October 4, 2010

i didn't disapear.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I've been MIA...
Sometimes when on the road its difficult to post the song a days...

However. Sometimes you are away from home and you end up with a concussion and a linear fracture in your face, and a black eye... That makes it harder to do things... And then sometimes the day after you fly back from NFLD, with a concussion and have to spend the rest of that day in the hospital. You and your cats are moving to toronto. ANd you haven't started packing yet.
So it will be an interesting and dizzy few hours before bumbalina and i board the plane and say good bye to this province that i love so much... So i'll probably be back at it with another good nights sleep. you can see my shiner! I look so hard!

I'm sure this will help my rap battle game.


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