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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Song 358

This song is for my family at home in New Glasgow. Mom and Dad, Lee and Tessa... PUFF, Honey, and Doobs.

As well as all of my friends and extended family that I am not able to see this thanksgiving.

I thought about showering before i did this. But then I am reminded to every holiday at my parents house when my mom will ask me "Mary aren't you going to shower.. or get dressed before dinner?" And generally the anwser is no. I like to not do anything on Holidays.

Today bumbalina and I have watched America's Next Top Model reruns and made coffee... Eventually I will walk to the beer store (not the one in vic park because its scary) and then go see some Pictou County friends for a thanksgiving dinner at their place. I have doubts that it will be as good as my dads Cornbread and brandy stuffing... But. It will be better than what bumbalina will be eating today.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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