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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Song 58

Happy Thanksgiving,
I may have said that in the last one.
Oh well.
I'm at home at my parents house in New Glasgow for the day... I got here last night. Its nice to be able to see the stars from here. I forget about that in Halifax. But... I miss Bumbalina, and Uzi... and my roommates. 
There is a dog here. She is trouble. But she was demonstrating her newly learned obedience school tricks for me this morning.. So she isn't as crazy as last time I was home. There is also a cat here, that I never got along with until today. She looks like a south beach diet version of my best friends cat, and its creeping me out. 
Also, I'm still rocking influenza version 2.1. Its getting a little tiring.  I apologize to my friends whom i've infected. 

Fall makes me think of bonfires. I wasn't at any bonfires recently, just sort of like the idea of the crackling fire sound while i'm cold today. 
thanks for checking these songs out, I appreciate all the emails that i've gotten.  

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