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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week one- Complete!

Hey Friends,

Week one is finished. Here is song seven.

Song seven's inspiration : 

My best friends live downstairs from me, and they don't have curtains in their living room- That has a picture window. And is always dimly lit so it sort of looks like you are walking in front a tv. They are also pretty funny dudes and I think that they should consider putting on plays in that window. You know which one i mean... the one on Oxford street with the cool art and buck in the living room?... Yes.  Sort of taken that into play in account with second guessing yourself when you are in stale situations that have history. Yes, you've all be there!

Stay tuned for fun updates from A Song A day. Including - Remote locations, piano songs, and special guest appearances by cats! Stay tuned for Uzi's debut and a long over due appearance from bumbalina! Week two begins tomorrow. Maybe I'll wash my hair. 

Also, if you have someone you'd like a song written for. Or any suggestions please email them to me at mary@marystewartmusic.com and I'll gladly scrawl something.  

Thanks for the encouraging notes/ emails/ comments/ phone calls people... 


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  1. Whoa...this song is about Mary falling off a ladder. Deja-vu.