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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 5!

Welcome to hurricane in Halifax day.... I have just made a big pot of coffee, have some red wine ready to go, and candles are on hold. Some of the city is already without power... So this is a good day to do things like... Write, clean my apartment, and play board games. 

Todays song.

This is for my brother, whom is just on the outs of a relationship. Fortunately (how i look at it...) I've had my share of experience here... I've been lucky enough to love people, but lucky enough to spend time by myself...I feel that is the most important thing if you ever feel you'll want to be able to give yourself to someone else.    Unfortunately, this is never (for most of us) an easy process. But I think as long as you've learned something from it then it was still worth the battle.  At least, thats what I keep telling myself.

Also : I've started a guest book project- And will be bringing my guest book to all my shows with me for you to scribble something down- Anything. Song ideas, the color of your socks....
Today's sample was from "Stan". 

Love you brother.


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  1. Mary!! I love what you've done with it :) Couldn't be happier. Keep it up!