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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Song 341

Hey friends,

Sorry about the delay. Whitehorse and Dawson were amazing, but I got bronchitis. So I'm alittle horse, and my voice was nowhere to be seen since the last show on saturday.

I'm so happy to be home so i can get my apartment packed and ready for St Johns.

But I met some fantastic people while up north. and I want to move there.

Everyone was so warm and inviting and welcoming to us. Thank you to Andrea, Dana, and Eleanor for letting us stay with them (And annie the cat!) Also to new friends Alistar and Brandon for being awesome company on the drive to Dawson... The whitehorse star, and Dave White from the CBC..... Matthew Sarty, Tim Jones, Kyla and the staff at Bombay Peggys- and everyone else that we met while we were there. David and I had a great time all around and appreciate all of your kindess.

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