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Friday, September 3, 2010

Song 328 For Lyndsey Van de Rijt and Ryan Schwindt

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow two beautiful people are getting hitched. And, not only are they getting hitched. They are battling the elements. (Ryan I'm making your wedding sound SO extreme!) I was envisioning the guy who does movie previews saying that.. something a little bit more profound than I ever could... You know.

Nevertheless, I adore these two. And so I wrote them a little ditty in honor of their big day. I was going to post it tomorrow. But because Earl is going to be a jerk... I wanted to send my love a good 24 hours in advance in attempt to ward off any big bad hurricanes that try to mess with us.

I wish you two the best in your life together. You are both fantastic people.



*Disclaimer* Loves, even though its your wedding ditty I still have to abide to my one take rule.. I will record in in a better format for you as soon as I have a moment :) <3

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