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Monday, March 29, 2010

song 181

almost half way.

whoop, if i had a party hat i'd put it on.

or maybe on a cat.

cat tea party?

less cat tea party, this song is inspired by my house plants. I want to have a garden outside but i guess my back yard is actually built on concert so i have to make boxes first. I have a nice garden at my parents place, and my garden in france was crazy..

but i just got back to halifax today, and my roommates killed my house plants. between the hospital stay,toronto, and time at my parents house lets see if my green thumb can fix these.

I've had most of them since i've lived in halifax so about 5 years, which in the whole picture is a really short life, one of them came from my mothers house and it is older than me... so i hope i can bring them back to life... more on the plant death/pending zombie plants later.

here you go.

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