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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Song woahwoah treat!

Hey Guys.

Sorry I fell asleep this afternoon and then had a girl date with my pal Meghan - Fid Resto and Jann Arden. Yea, had a time.

But Last night I had the wonderful pleasure of playing at the St FX Art Gallery with some great musicians. (Pat LePoidevin, The Danks, By Divine Right)

Andy Cunningham from Dimstar was there and included some of the live tracks in his podcase this week. Its #3 so check that out!

You probably want to also get those bands records. Pat's newest is to be released this month, and I enjoyed Mutant Message
with my coffee today.

With that said, its been a really busy two days and I am missing todays song- My roommate is expecting her baby this week so i'm trying
to not be that loud while she gets her rest.

But I'll have two for you tomorrow. In the mean time you have a lot of listening to do..


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