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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Song 108

Song 108.

*disclaimer- I'm quite under the weather today and my voice is really horse so i apologize for this in advance.

Story time kids!

I've been asking for your ideas for songs and I've got some great ideas from you that I still intend on using.

This one however is one that I was partial to from the moment I heard about it.

This song is about a girl who had some plans to move away with her significant other to a big city, had the car packed up... When he informed her he wasn't going to be going with her. (BOO!!!) In the end it worked out as she is quick on her feet and can adapt well to situations and is as lovely as a peach to boot. so, she did okay.

The moral of this story is however. People tend to shift their life to include and revolve around the other person, its natural. But! If you stop feeling it- don't hesitate to end it because so much garbage can be avoided.

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