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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Song 313

Here is song 313.

Apparently I'm allergic to Toronto and I have environmental allergies. And thus my throat feels like a pool of fire. I would assume this pool would be made of gasoline and not water to make it more effective.

I grew up in New Glasgow- Which unfortunately was a hot bed for industry but there are enough open spaces that you can escape the pulp, tire, and steal mills.

My favorite activity when I was younger was going out to my great aunt Lil and Uncle Gilberts place and running through their huge land with their beautiful old sheep dog, feeding the goats, blueberry picking, and pulling everything that had leaves out of their garden.

I always hope that some day I'll be able to move to a country and have a spot like that.

This song is nothing about that, this was just a reflection on the fact that currently my day planner tells me where to go and my body is telling me that might not be such a good idea.

The song is about having your back up for good reason after too many burns.

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