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Monday, June 21, 2010

Song 252

This song is about putting off the inevitable. basically through avoidance.

Everyone is good at that, and apparently I'm all too familiar with that situation.

There is always hope that things will work themselves out. As stands the saying "things take work" I've come to realize that things take work, but for the most part... things that should work- don't require that much alteration.

If you buy a dress that fits you like a glove at the store, you say "oh it fits like a glove"

what you don't do- is buy a dress at the store that doesn't fit you right and say "oh, it will fit like a glove after i rework all of the seams and sew together a brand new dress!"

There is reason why I don't explain my songs that frequently, mostly because relationships in my head get compared to new dresses and old shoes.

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