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Friday, April 16, 2010

Song 197

Dear Cell phone company. I really don't like you.

As a back-story I will offer you that when I went in for surgery I called this company to explain to them that I was going to be off for 2 months and unable to make a payment until the end of april. The lady that I spoke to was so helpful and accommodating that I actually wrote an email to them telling them how impressed I was with how helpful they were.

Today I received a text from them saying if i don't pay the balance immediately i would have my phone shut off tomorrow, and the arrangement dates began the 21st.

Confused, I called this company to see what was up and they explained to me that " payment arrangements are subject to discretion of ______ and can be revoked at anytime." I asked her why if this was the case the person didn't explain this to me over a month ago so I could've planned otherwise.

Result - anger.

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